Warhammer 40k – 1999 Point Tournament SAT May 10th

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We’re trying to bring sexy back to 40k!

FTW Games (the home of Spikey Bits) will be hosting a 40k 1,999 +1 Points Tournament Saturday May 10th at 10 AM.

$100 minimum in store credit for prize support

So regardless of how many people show up, the prize will be at least $100 split amongst the prize winners (First, Second, and Third)! Of course if more that 10 people show up, then the prize pot goes up as well!

Best part is there are no sports, comp or painting score! All you have to do to take home overall is WIN WIN WIN! So bring down your painted or unpainted, and get stuck in!
General Information

Entrance Fee: $10
1,999 +1 Points

Prize: 100% payout as FTW Games store credit or $100 minimum (in store credit) whichever is greater!

To encourage more interactions between players, new rules for fielding allies are in place for our tournaments at FTW Games.  

There are no more Battle Brothers (and thusly Allied Death Stars, or castings of blessings on allied units).   See our new allies matrix below where we have changed all Battle Brothers to Allies of Convenience. 

Keep in mind all normal detachments such as Inquisition or Imperial Knights are legal for play, however if they were Battle Brothers with an army faction, now they are Allies of Convenience.  
Plus Tyranids get a fun little boost, with the following caveats;
1.     Tyranids armies will now use our new allies chart with the following exceptions; 
·         Tyranids are considered ‘Allies of Convenience’ with each other
·         Wargear and Special abilities that affect your Tyranid detachments (or your opponent’s army) DO NOT stack, unless specified by a Codex, FAQ, etc. (Shadows of the Warp for instance, will not stack from two different detachments to make psykers -6 to casting psyhic powers).
·        Synapse is universal for all Tyranid detachments, as there is only one Hive Mind. Conversely any negative effects of Synapes affect all Tyranid models as well, including but not limited to things like Synaptic Backlashes, etc..
We’ll also be running the Forge the Narrative mission pack as well for our tournaments as well, that can be found here.  Will will play three of the four missions chosen at random each tournament.   It is recommended to bring scoring units…
Each army may field one Forge World unit in their army per normal force organization, with the following restrictions;

  • Forge World Imperial Armor units with the “40K” stamp, and other IA units that are not in a book i.e “experiment rules”, (and are not super heavy flyers / super heavies) are legal for play.  
  • You must have the exact FW model to used these rules, or a very, very close proxy for it.  If you are in doubt about what is allowed, or if your models is acceptable for this event, send us a message or call.
  • All 40k Approved fortification are allowed. If taking a fortification larger than an aegis line, simply remove one piece of terrain from your table half if your fortification comes within 3″ of it. If more than once piece of terrain conflicts with your fortification, please see a judge for placement. 
  • Please use this matrix to determine what the most recent set of rules are for your 40k Approved units.  Keep in mind it has not been updated since March 2014, so any book released since then may contain newer rules for your units.

Due to recent tournament events the following rules are now also in place.

Each game must go at least four rounds, or else each player will receive a 0 for their score that round. Remaining times are called out throughout the round, and players will be encouraged to finish at least four turns.  If your game continually going slow, please call over a judge for help.

Army lists must be produced by a validating roster program. (i.e. Army Builder, Battlescribe, etc.) and printed in a readable format for the judges.  If you need to use a program to construct you list, please get here early on the day to use our Army Builder program.

Armies are not normally legal for play unless their physical book is in print for a least one month prior to the event. The lastest Codex that is legal for this event is Astra Militarum from April 2014

++ Dataslates / Advent Calendar rules are not legal for this event, nor is Escalation or Stronghold Assault. ++

You must also have a physical copy of the army book(s) or the eBook equivalent for the army you are fielding with you during the event for reference!


This event is first come, first served. A spot may be reserved by paying the entrance fee at FTW Games in advance, or calling and getting on the list. 

No refunds. Army Lists may be submitted for review. Although this is encouraged, it is not required.

If you need to use the computer to print your army list please be here at 10am sharp!

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