Lord of Death – Mephiston 2014 Conversion

Greetings servants of the emperor, followers of chaos, and xenos of all shapes and sizes! I’m proud to be posting for the first time here on Spikey Bits and presenting to you my personal update on Mephiston.

I was inspired by the Mark Gibbons (MG) artwork from the olden days. 

The biggest and most obvious element that I took from that was the cape. A second, more subtle guiding factor was the character showing through in the pose. 

As you can see, it’s not a very dynamic pose in and of itself, he’s not performing any broad, sweeping action. Instead, you have a very subtle element of menace, like a coiled snake, and in my conversion he’s in a sort of “en garde” posture. 

What makes Mephiston dangerous is a very vicious intelligence that knows how to attack, perhaps that is even part of a corruption…

As always, converting is great fun and frustration all mixed into a bucket, but the satisfaction is always there.

I thank everyone who inspired me, hope I have inspired some of you out there, and hope to keep seeing the great work the 40k community makes as a whole. -Fabius B

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