Rob Baer Wants You to Steal From Him

By Jack Stover | June 18th, 2014 | Categories: Editorial, jstove, News / Rumors

Shut up everyone, it’s JStove and I’ve got an important announcement. Rob Baer, owner/operator of Spikey Bits, wants you to steal from him. That’s right, you heard it here first.

Now, some of you might be familiar with Rob’s buy-back program, where he takes your old minis you don’t want anymore and he re-sells them at cut rate prices on his web store.

Most of you however, don’t know anything about it, because if you did, nothing would be left in Rob’s used 40k store.

I’m telling you this now because if I were Rob, there’s some gems in there I’d never let go of. They would just get swiped and go right into my figure case after a dip in the simple green. (I do steal from myself quite a bit, lol) -MBG

Let’s take a browse of the space marine section right now and see what you can steal from Rob. Here’s my top picks for Marine Treasures in the Spikey Bits used 40k online store available now.


Yea, that’s a forgeworld figure for 10 bucks right there. No big deal. Its not like its nearly impossible to get apothecaries because you have to get that little screwdriver bit from the marine command sprue or anything. That’s not stealing.


That’s a forgeworld dreadnought sarcophagus on that model, which is probably 25 bucks from forgeworld by itself. By the way, did you know that furioso librarians can turn invisible now? Did you know that ironclad dreads are pretty freakin boss?

Did you know that venerable dreads can’t be killed by a penetrating hit because the new vehicle damage table made it nearly impossible for most weapons to hit that explosion? Did you know that helbrutes are awesome when you deepstrike a 3 pack of them and get a free roll on the Go Crazy table?

Do you need any more excuses to scoop up a 25 buck forgeworld dread? Did you know that Rob also conveniently has a fully painted and magnetized forgeworld dreadpod for sale too?


This is probably the pick of the litter right here. I know what you’re thinking, “What makes a land raider worth 100 bucks?” Three things.

-Fully magnetized weapons.
-Forgeworld doors.
-Forgeworld tarantula multi-melta turret conversion.

This is the Cadillac of Land Raiders right here. Its got 50 bucks worth of forgeworld on it, and its fully magged and painted.


Are you the kind of nostalgia jerk that buys old rogue trader models off of 12 year olds that inherited them from their dads, dumps them in a bath of simple green, and laughs all the way to the bank? Well we’ve got something for you, friend! a half-dozen 5 buck rogue trader marines and terminators.

But wait, there’s more. There’s also old gamesday marines, white dwarf marines, and plenty of OOP chaplains and librarians. There’s even a forgeworld Raven Guard captain sneaking around in there.

So, what am I trying to tell you here?

Rob Baer wants you to steal from him. Go click on the used 40k section of the webstore and buy everything in it, because its criminal. I would, but he doesn’t pay me to write these articles.

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