40k FTN Seasonal Next Saturday 8/9

By Rob Baer | July 29th, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

Register now for our Forge the Narrative Summer Seasonal tournament that will be held on August 9th and 10th at FTW Games in Richmond Virginia.

Best of all, the first 35 registrations will get a free T-shirt (up to XXL) along with their weekend pass to the event.

This event will be a no-holds barred two day Warhammer 40k Tournament that uses our “no preservatives added” 40k philosophy of playing the game as intended.

Plus tournament go-ers even get a catered lunch as we are striving to emulate the great “convention” feeling from the old Grand Tournaments of years past.

Love prizes?  The prize support package features a minimum of $800 in store credit for prize support (First, Second, Third, and Players Choice) that can be spend on just about anything in the store, the ultimate one size fits all prize!

Heck you can even use winnings online though Spikey Bits’ low price webstore. No more boxes of outdated models given out as prizes here!

Check our all the particulars on our rules posts HERE, and be sure to lock in your tickets NOW for “the people’s tournament”.

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