Helbrute Multi-Part Monster Fun

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hb_auto_face_wmThe new Chaos Space Marine Helbrute model comes with tons of great options.

I recently bought one and found it challenging to do simply because I was nearly overwhelmed with choices on how to build and paint it.

I painted this Helbrute along with two others simultaneously, one of which was converted with the plasma cannon from this multi-part set. I painted the armor to match my custom renegade legion colors, but the flesh color of each is uniquely mutated, all tied together with a blue tinge to the shading.

All Helbrute Chaos Dreadnought models have elements of organic melded with machine mutation on them going all the way back to the original lead model more than 25 years ago. The new multi-part model is no exception with flesh and bone elements clearly showing on it.

I painted the spine on this Helbrute as a I always do in realistic bone colors. This really makes it stand out amongst the machine elements surrounding it.


The right pauldron (shoulder pad) is painted with the warp touched nebulae pattern shown all over my custom Chaos legion. The flesh deliberately has a yellowish jaundiced look to it achieved with Citadel Ungor Flesh. The blue tinged shade was done using Drakenhof Nightshade.


The power scourge arm is wicked looking and I had to use it. Tentacles of any kind are a strong indicator of Chaos mutation I love to see on models. I also used the broken helmet head so that the tragic hint of humanity left in the Helbrute shows through. What did I do with the great looking hammer arm that comes with the Helbrute kit? I used that on a very special Daemon Prince conversion you can see here at this link.


This kit comes with tons of great looking options for heads, arms and sarcophagus fronts. No two models ever need look the same and the extra bits are great for conversions.

I’m busy with Orks now, but I always return to Chaos at some point. Both my Chaos Marine and Ork armies continue to grow as there are just so many great kits of conversion opportunities for each of them.

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