X-Wing: 2013 Champion Paul Heaver List

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Paul Heaver

Hello and Welcome to Kaiju Spaceworks, or whatever I called this since its been so long since I’ve done something that wasn’t just new releases.

Today we’ll take a look at a very popular list that I’m sure no one on the internet has ever talked about, the Paul Heaver list, consisting of Biggs Darklighter, a Rookie X-wing and Two Dagger Squad B-Wings with Advanced Sensors.


Ever popular at tournaments for the rebels do to its massive strength of damage output and survivability, this list is well, damn good. Its a hard nut to crack if played right, letting Biggs take all the hits in the rear of the group while the other ships blast away carefree of any real retaliation.

Using the Advanced Sensors also allows you to do some janky stuff with the B-wings, like their 1 sharp turn or a A-turn while still gaining an action. In the right hands this list is devastating, but it does take some practice, that or I’m just bad.

This list does require a bit of squadron maneuvering so if thats hard for you to pull off you might want to stand clear of this set up. Though if you are good at it or want to learn how to do it better than bam, perfect list to try it out. Enough to make it meaningful to stay together but not enough to overwhelm anyone.


Beating this list though is a tough one. With Biggs again taking all the damage you need some nasty burst or a lot of sustained fire to take him out quickly. the longer he lives the easier it’ll be for the rest of the ships to take you down. Best advice I can give is to force them into an awkward position if possible, negating any focus token use or flat out avoiding fire. Easier said than done though.

All in all this list is just a great list. But with the release of the newer ships we will be seeing a shift in the meta. Will this last or will it go the way of the 3 y-wings? Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. -Super Kaiju

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