RUMORS – Blood Angels Campaign Box Set

By Rob Baer | October 30th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Lot’s of rumors flying this week about a new box set featuring the Blood Angels. Here’s the latest.

We’ve been heading the box will perhaps feature the Tyranids and lead into a full BA release. Makes sense sorta for a re-release of Space Hulk…

From BoLS

Some chatter is out there regarding the Blood Angels upcoming minis set.  Here’s the latest on the Sons of Sanguinius:

Multiple sources are now saying to look for:

– Blood Angel, Tyranids & Necron Campaign
– Limited boxed set will accompany the campaign modeled after the Stormclaw product
– Box will include Ba vs Tyranid opposing forces led by:
– Plastic Blood Angel Captain
– Named Tyranid Character (Prime most commonly names, but Lictor or Broodlord possible)

Look for this before the new year.

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