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By Rob Baer | October 20th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Not 100% sure I’m buying into this one, BUT the latest rumors still floating around is that Eldar Ulthwe may get a one week “splash”  supplement and a few figures as well.

Chiefly Farseers to replace Jes Goodwin’s oldies (but still goodies) design(s).

This story broke awhile ago on Faeit, but is still hotly debate on the BoLS lounge still.

It kinda makes sense, as Games Workshop seems to favor Xenos releases towards the end of the year . Orks, Necrons, Dark Eldar (two waves), all came out around this time in the past few years.

***via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
An Ulthwé Strikeforce supplement for Codex Eldar is on the horizon with new plastic Warlocks. GW realizes that Eldar players can and do field many Warlocks as part of the HQ Council, so they are giving this the dedicated plastic multi-part infantry kit treatment rather than offering only one or two single plastic character clam-pack models (which would put a limit on posing options, etc.)

As you know the current Warlock models are very dated, a few of them being Jes Goodwin’s “evergreen” sculpts which have stood the test of time since the early 90’s. Jes has wanted these classic models to be redone for a long time. The Ulthwé supplement will be the perfect opportunity to release the new kit (which of course will be usable by all Eldar warhosts, not just Ulthwé).

The supplement itself is largely based on Phil Kelly’s brilliant Ulthwé Strike Force army list from Codex: Eye of Terror way back in 3rd edition. We can expect the usual background section which will greatly expand on what we know about Ulthwé along with Warlord Traits, wargear, Cities of Death / Stronghold Assault strategems, etc.

What say ye? -MBG

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