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End Times II book is really shaping up to be something quite special judging by these leaked images yesterday!

What side will you choose? More importantly do you think we’ll ever see anything like this in 40k? -MBG

Courtesy of BoLS

As with Nagash, the Glottkin book features TONS of impressive artwork!  Take a look at this eye-candy:

via Games Workshop

The story of the End Times 
Much of the book is dedicated to telling the story of the great Nurgle invasion of the Empire, led by the Brothers Glott. This is the largest incursion the Old World has ever witnessed, and arguably the most pivotal event in the history of the Empire.

No part of the Old World remains untouched as the forces of Chaos sweep across the lands, levelling cities and spreading their foul contagions. The Chaos forces boast infamous villains, not least of which are the Glottkin themselves, but there are also familiar plague-riddled faces such as Festus Leechlord and Ku’gath Plaguefather.

New Rules 
Glottkin contains a wealth of new material for any Warhammer gamer. There are, of course, rules for the new Nurgle miniatures including the Glottkin, as well as updated rules for some other notable heroes such as the Nurgle champion Festus, and the Emperor Karl Franz himself.

Chaos players can take advantage of a new army list, Legions of Chaos, allowing you to combine the forces of the Chaos Warriors, Beastmen and Deamons. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also new rules to represent the power of Chaos infusing the world. One of several benefits this brings is that all Chaos sorcerers can now summon units of daemons! (Two can play at that game, Nagash.)

Finally, there are rules to fight games of brutal urban combat through the ruins of a city, where units will have to navigate the twisting streets before confronting their foe – perfect for re-fighting the desperate battles against the Nurgle invasion.

Gutrot on the march!
Hey, that Nurgle clampack mini has a name!
GW loves dry ice!


Marienburg gets it too…


Altdorf, it was nice knowing you.

Yeah – this one will be well worth it!  Those paintings with Gutrot are fantastic!

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