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Say what you may about the Daemon Flying circus being “dead”, this little paragraph from the new 40k FAQ may be a game changer for the Daemons!

Fateweaver now has access to the Daemonolgy chart, and with that has quite possible become the most versatile unit in Warhammer 40k.

Page 42 – The Two Heads of Fate
Amend the third sentence to read as follows:
‘In addition, the right head also randomly generates
one power each from the Pyromancy, Divination and
Daemonology (Malefic) disciplines; the left head also
randomly generates one power each from the Telepathy,
Biomancy and Daemonology (Malefic) disciplines.’

Need to summon some daemons to tie up pesky “Death Stars” or hold objectives? How about to make more warp charge points standard, or even summon heralds with an exalted wargear of your choice like Grimore? Depending on the roll Fatesy can even splash out +1 to Invulnerable saves (making Fateweavers a respectable 3+).

Not to mention the fact that you get one power from each of the the listed charts as well, some of which have pretty useful primaris powers to boot!

Checkout my old Top 10 things about Fateweaver article here, and get ready for some change!

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