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forgoten knight

Check it out, the first full knight army list is here!

Someone got their Horus Heresy Conquest Book 4 early, and is spilling the beans!

via Still Standing on the BoLS Lounge

The Knight list is fantastic. As in, frekking amazing!

We have Draykavac as a HQ choice, who unlocks Castellax as compulsary Troops and Vorax as Fast Attack. His stat line is much as expected, but has neat special rule which is going to really mess anything less than a Primarch up in a challenge. You roll 2D6, subtract the targets toughness, and it takes that many AP2 wounds.

You can use it against vehicles, where it’s 2D6 minus half the armour value for that many penetrating hits. He gives all Walkers, Super Heavy Walkers and MCs +1 to Charge range and Sweeping Advance rolls. His Warlord trait is Death of the Flesh, which ives everything in the detachment PE(Infantry) when within 3″ of an objective (note, not holding it, just within 3″).

You have all the expected Knights in there. They must be given a Household Rank, which moves them into a FoC slot and gives various bonus, such as the Knight must reroll failed charges and sweeping advance rolls, but must attempt to charge big stuff (Primarchs, Knights, Walkers, Super Heavy Walkers, MCs, Gargantuan Creatures) for 25 points. This is for a Fast Attack Knight. There are free ones in the Troop slot, and even one which is -35 points, but -1 WS, BS and Invulnerable save.


The Styrix’s is 2 Melta Bombs more than a Magaera, and has all the same rules. The main gun is Range 45″, Str 8 AP 3, Heavy 5, Deflagrate. No beam, sorry guys. His claw is the same as the Magaera.

Also, we can now upgrade out Knights Paladin to have the 40k Rapid Fire Battlecannon for free.

For those who were wondering, no you can’t have a Rapid Fire Battlecannon on a Lancer (or any other Knight except the Paladin).

There are two Relics that are Mechanicum exclusive. These are a Cortex Controller which allows Cyber Theurgy to affect the whole unit, and a Str 12 Haywire attack that, if the vehicle survives, jumps to an additional 2 vehicles, continuing in this manner until there are no more targets.


No new Legion units. Each Legion has a Relic, as well as a bunch of generic ones. There are two army lists, the Knight Household and the Solar Auxiliary.

Kinda sucks no new legion relics BUT lots of other cool toys to expand the Horus Heresy Tabletop! -MBG

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