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What could happen if the 40k world was turned on it’s side by the “death” of the Emperor of Mankind?

Forge the Narrative received this letter recently by a former Games Workshop staffer who was attracted to the podcast by it’s upbeat nature.

Is his story something that has been going around in GW circles, or is it just pure fiction? You be the judge! Either way we’re running out of Codex book releases so who knows what we’ll see in the future!


Courtesy of M. Elliott and Forge the Narrative

Hi there FTN guys,

First things first, big fan – love listening to the podcast while getting my hobby on. As an ex GW staffer it’s a refreshing change to hear something so positive about 40k, so kudos! (I’m in England and all your tournaments sound like awesome fun playing 40k as it’s meant to be played)

On listening to the podcast I heard the segment about the 42nd millennium and I thought I’d email yourselves with my hobby communities take on the proceedings (apologies if this is something you really just don’t want – just thought it interesting!)

Right – so here’s the scenario:

At the dawn of the 42nd millennium the emperor of mankind is dead – we know not who was responsible or how it happened but for all intents and purposes he is gone. Where does this leave every other faction in the galaxy?

Well firstly, the galaxy will become a hell of a lot smaller. With the passing of the emperor the astronomicon shuts down – making imperial warp travel a thing of the past. We can but assume that the emperor truly ascends to god hood – going toe to toe against the chaos gods themselves, while the psychic shockwave of his passing will be felt by every being in the game.

Space marines –
With the space marines already being segmented across the galaxy, and unable to travel through the warp the sectors that the home worlds occupy will become independent states (Calgar will hold his area of space, Dante his and so on and so forth) which could eventually lead to, not so much the heresy mark 2, but an Astartes civil war over resources, planets within expansion, wargear etc etc and would all become very political. I also believe the the shock wave from the emperors passing will bring the primachs back into play as there are many of them still alive which will escalate the Astartes war as the loyalist primachs learn that they failed to stop Horus and start blaming one another

Astra Militarum –
I believe the forces of the Astra Militarum would fall into full on gang warfare and civil war. This is an army of humans who are raised to believe the Emperor is a god – and as humans they couldn’t begin to fathom that not only was this ‘god’ a real person but he is actually dead now and left them all stranded. (How would my major real religion react if they found out the god they were raised to believe in was in hiding and had now died?) some guardsmen, many whole regiments, would fall to chaos, turn upon their seniors, riot or even turn to building their own gangs – all in all the whole Astra Militarum structure would collapse

Chaos Daemons –
With the emperors death the powers holding the warp rift on Terra would collapse, ensuing a massive daemonic incursion the raze terra itself (not only bringing custodian guard into the game but I believe this is where Leman Russ would reappear with what’s left of the 13th company). Daemons would become a stronger presence in the 42nd millennium, with the collapse of the Astronomicon they would find it easier to manifest within the real world – which would also lead the the appearance of traitor primachs. I believe a lot of the story would revolve around the ‘battle for Terra’

Chaos Space Marines –
I believe Chaos Marines would become what we know their imperial counterparts to be today – one large organisation in harmony. Abaddon would step up and not only lead the 14th Black Crusade but would also reveal he is Horus (bit of throw away fluff somewhere suggests that it was Abaddon who was killed on the barge and Horus still lives under Abaddons title) also with one of the few races with access to warp travel the Chaos Space Marines would be a strengthened threat and a major player in the 42nd millennium

Eldar (and Dark Eldar)
The psychic shockwave will affect the Eldar in some way (any ideas?) but with safe warp travel (through not needing the Astronomicon) I believe their race will step up and tackle the Chaos Space Marine menace and try to meet it head on while everybody else is fighting – the Eldar would become the ‘good guys’ In a way and will be responsible for saving the galaxy in one single heroic last stand alongside their dark cousins (although some dark Eldar cults will see the fractured imperium as easy prey)

Orks –
Orks is orks. They’ll fight and krump their way through to Terra where the proper fighting is – Ghazkull may fulfill the prophecy and lead the last waaaaagh toward Terra, successfully united all of the orks under a single banner. However with the emperor as a god and the warp unstable, we may see Gork and Mork appear in the living world ..

Tyranids – Tau – Necrons
I don’t think we’d see much change here, as those factions are kind of rocking their own thing

Anyway, hope that put some interesting ideas in your head – look forward to the next episode

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