BREAKING – Soft Cover END TIMES & Mini Codex Books

By Rob Baer | November 28th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Games Workshop just dropped the last two End Times books in SOFT COVER, and released the various 40k Codex Books in a small “mini” format to boot!

gw webstore

Pictures Courtesy of Forge the Narrative

We actually reported today that Games Workshop would be re-releasing the End Times in soft cover for sure, but I had not idea it would be so soon.

I also can’t tell why one is more expensive that the other, when they are both the same product, just different stories.

The plot thickens….

Games Workshop Webstore small

Plus GW also released small format codex books as well, they all seem to be $41 except for the larger Space Marines one.

Who’s getting what? -MBG

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