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Hey all! I have a special treat this time around, not something you see every day.  This army is 100% comprised of Titan Forge undead Orcs and Goblins.

Amazing sculpts and one of the most fun armies I have ever painted.  They have a lot of old school character, and I channeled a lot of my love for older games such as Ultima Online into the palette.

This army represents the Vampire Counts book, and I will go through the army and show what they represent. The army is fun on it’s own, regardless of rules set, but there is a lot of charm in the “counts as” of each unit.

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Terrorgheist, or zombie dragon.  In this case it is mounted into the larger movement tray for playing as a Terrorgheist, and has empty scenic bases for wound markers.






Coven throne!I love this model, it’s ridiculous in all the right ways!


Vampire Lord.  If you look closely you will note the army is all on 20mm bases, to stay within the rules. All “vampire” Orcs have appropriately pale skin, while either live or ghostly Orcs have the sickly green.  Zombie models were taken a bit more yellow to show their decomposition.
One crazy Necromancer!








Zombie units.  The large trolls and Ogres are unit fillers.  There are also a few undead Orcs that add a lot of character.  The unit fillers add so much more than a size difference and fill space, they add tons of color and variation to the look of the units.



Blood Knights!  Again pale skin to show the vampire Orcs.



Flying squigs!  They are bad enough without wings!  These represent fell bats in the army.


Spirit host.


Night gobber on a dead squig!



Three savage Orc frankensteins made into Vargheists.




Cannibals!  A unit of Ghouls with hot pot unit fillers.



Hexwraiths.  Ghostly savage Orcs.  Decided after long deliberation ghostly faded into realistic was best as the models are quite large.



Dire Wolves!




And finally a unit of Grave Guard.  A mix of large and small based skeleton Orcs, as well as goblins.

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