Is the Tyrannocyte a Game Changer?


FTGT Evan back with some quick thoughts on the leaked Tyranid kit – the Tyrannocyte, which looks to be a replacement for the defunct Mycetic Spore.

This is a huge game changer for Tyranid players as it totally changes the available tactics for the army.

The new Tyrand Drop Pod can transport 20 models or 1 Monstrous Creature, and these are assigned at deployment, giving lots of flexibility to the army. The ability to drop units in and create early backfield pressure with loads of bodies or something like Hive Guard opens up the book immensely.

Some early thoughts from the FTGT Tyranid brain trust:

  • 3 Hive Guard in a pod – now they can catch Wave Serpents and do a number on them with ignores cover.
  • 20 Devilgants – a staple in the old book, they can now deliver their massive amount of firepower where it is needed.
  • Tyrannofex with Electroshock Grubs – can drop two templates and then be a big, durable menace in the enemy backfield.
  • 20 hormagaunts – this is more of a combo, but they can drop in and use their impressive run ability to create a screen around enemy units, with a potential full spread of a 32″ in a line.
  • Zoanthropes – Deep Strike actually makes taking 3 in a group for triple Warp Lance useful
  • Pyrovores – they’re still not great, but at least they’ll get to hit something
  • Dakkafex – Obviously helps their short range and is a problem that has to be dealt with

With this new kit, just about every unit in the codex can be revisited, with improved potential when they can deep strike and do so safely.

Fellow Nid players, what combo are you looking to exploit? -FTGT Evan

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New 40k FAQ's & Chapter Approved Episode 128

  • Squidar

    my first thoughts were tervigon since it would still get to spawn and pass along synapse from the back field. If the pod lands on a objective, it claims it, tervigon gets out 6 and spawns another 6 away, so can potentially claim two objectives (provided they are within 12 inches) in one turn, plus continued annoyance in the back field.

    • Sikath

      Next week says “Psychic Horror” … guessing we get the Doom of Cheese back?

      • ArchibaldDoogan

        Or just a Zoanthrope/Venomthrope dual kit, since both have been pulled from the US and UK stores.

  • ArchibaldDoogan

    The Toxicrene can benefit from this too. Drop in, use his poison 2+ large blast which ignores cover; the Tyrannocyte uses its five guns as well. Then the opponent has an “Oh sh$&!” moment before the Toxicrene charges in and mulches anything with a toughness value.

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