NEW TYRANIDS? – Broodlord Pic

By Rob Baer | November 15th, 2014 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors


Looks like a Tyranids Wave Three is on the way judging by this potentially new Broodlord pic that’s going around the internet this morning.

Supposedly this was spotted in a Shield of Baal preview picture.

While it may not be a new model, when compared to the Space Hulk Brood lord it appears to be styled differently. Checkout the how the spines mesh with the back armor, as well as the additional tongue and claw details.

It’s even quite possible that this model pictured was even based of the Space Hulk version to begin with, which would explain the similarities.

A new Broodlord has been rumored for some time as well, according to Faeit!

Pics courtesy of Forge the Narrative and Faeit.


Space Hulk Broodlord


Shield of Baal Previews Broodlord?

What do you think, are more Tyranids on the way before the Holidays? -MBG

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