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the edge

Hey there, today we would like to share something special with you – project we are working here, at Awaken Realms, for some time now.

We decided to bring the things to a next level and start our own line of miniatures and universe under the brand of The Edge.



HK 1


I will be bringing updates here showing our history, models and rules before upcoming kickstarter campaign planned for December.

Today I would like to show you one of the faction – Chapter and one of the models: Holy Knights.


Remaining human population hidden in 7 huge cities called refuges. Each refuge have huge autonomy, but all of them are ruled by the Priest of The One. Whole society is built on the glorification of technology and implementing it in normal day life – when it comes

to Culture, The One is the only God and all the social culture and art is based around him. There is no direct proof of The One intervention in real world – but priest says Angels of Death, most effective weapons against demons were send directly by him, as technology standing behind them are superior to the other Chapters machines.

Holy Knights 

“…and the time will come, that unclean will come to the land.

Spoil and contaminate it to the very foundation.

In this dark hour chosen ones will go to battle with my blessing.

Those, with hearts full of pure, sacred fury.

In great armor I will arm them,

As they shall be warriors of last hour

My holy guardians

–          Third prophecy, part 4, lines 18-26

There are multiple possible ways to serve the One – perhaps the most honorable is wearing the armor of Holy Knight and with it seek destruction of Demons on the battlefield. Only the purest members of society can wear this armor specially developed by priests based on the visions send by The One. Another requirement is abnormal physical strength and perfect discipline – thanks to that Holy Knights combine strength of human body and machine to become perfect weapon. Knights are part of a Chapter and hold high position within their ranks even thou they do not possess any technical skills or capabilities.








This model will be cast in High Quality resign on 40 mm round base. There will be 4 different position – each of position will have full weapon choice (hammer, mace and sword)

Hope you liked it! Make sure to follow our project and join The Edge!

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