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By Rob Baer | December 11th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors

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More and more people seem to be getting their new Blood Angels Codex, and are sharing. Here is the latest:

Twinner over on DakkaDakka posted up the following in a Q and A session yesterday, check it out!


Sanguinary Priests

  • Priests can’t take Terminator Armor, but can take jump packs and bikes (standard points costs)
  • Only one per slot, so max 2 per detachment, allowing for no other HQs
  • Encarmine Weapons are; Sword is AP 3, master crafted, Glaive Ap 2 Str +1, master crafted, unwieldy
  • FNP buff works on whatever squad the priest is in, i.e allied squads such as… Centurions.

Character Info

  • Two Versions of Tycho (seperate entries)
  • Chaplains are HQ, although Lemartes is an Elite
  • Techmarine is HQ as well. (Getting kind of crowded there in the HQ spot)
  • Gabriel Seth is about the same cost, and Lord of War Same wargear, but rage and furious charge. Whilrlwind of gore changed to adding an additional attack for each 6 rolled to hit. His weapon is now called a Blood Reaver, str 8, sp 4 rending.
  • Corbulo- HQ, a couple more points in cost now. Basically the same re-roll. 3 W. Buffs all BA within 6 inches (1 WS, 1 Ini), but standard FNP on himself.

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So what do you think? Seems pretty middle of the road like the rest of 7th Edition so far! -MBG

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