FIRST LOOK – 40k MMORPG Eternal Crusade Game Play

By Rob Baer | December 21st, 2014 | Categories: video game

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Check out the first live game play video for Eternal Crusade! Looks like the development team has made a ton of progess with the epic 40k MMORPG Eternal Crusade!

They showed off a first hand video of the game Friday on Twitch, and looks like things are shaping up well.

Via Faeit

On Friday, the Dev team showed us a first hand preview of an early access module through a live show on Twitch TV. If you missed it, it was only available to see in a 5 minute highlight, but of course someone recorded the whole 20 minute battle…… this is the internet after all.

Of course when I had the chance to talk to Miguel on Thursday, so they knew that people would record it, and that by sometime this weekend it would be available on Youtube to see. So of course here it is, a chance to see the whole 20 minute battle.

While it was supposed to be scripted….. Chaos jumped the Marines and just about shut them down, as the Marines were just not able to bring their predators to bear down on the Gates of the Fortress, and Havocs rained down death to the Marines several times.

Here is the video to check out from VigiliaMortis

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