GMM’s Dead Drop – Dueling Coasters Display

By GMM Studios | December 26th, 2014 | Categories: GMM

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Hey all. The second display I am working on for next year is one for the Fantasy team tournament.

This is a doubles 1000 point per army event.  We had originally gone for a carnival theme, but this bit of inspiration hit me when trying to figure out a way to make room for more displays.


The basic idea of the display – a large round nurgle clown face with two roller coasters, each a 1000 point army of chariots.

Very lucky here – I needed a 3 feet wide disk, and while at the store happened to remember to look for something similar, and turned and saw exactly that!


 Displays taking over your house?  Hang them on the wall!

Beginning of the faux wall.
This will be a temporary workplace for the display, as well as a way to switch out other hanging displays and work on them.  Also will be used (wheels added) to transport to the hall.  Six feet tall, three foot disk.
Disk hung.  Glad it works!


First layer of spray foam.


Five cans of spray foam later!  This will be a lightweight and cheaper basis for the rest of the sculpting. This will be a slower going project than the throne in terms of updates, since it will likely take less overall time.

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