Leaked Images: GW Advent Calendar Fully Revealed

By Rob Baer | December 12th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors

hh walpaper raven - Copy

The rest of advent calendar has been leaked with all the way through Christmas. Let’s take a look.

Courtesy of Descando del Scriba, and Faeit


Click below for the full images


15th: Novel: Ahriman: Gates of Ruin
DS: Looks like another wallpaper pack, this time Xenos?

16th: Novel: Vengeful Honour
DS: Painting Guide for Brother Lamentarion

17th: Novel: I think it says “The Nature of Fear”, Horus Heresy font
DS: Datacards: Space Wolves

18th: Novel: Herald of Sanguinous, Horus Heresy font, shaped like Audio
DS: Cryo-Storm, not sure what the nature of that is, missions?

19th: Novel: Holder of the Keys, might be Audio
DS: Dark Angels: Librarian Conclave, same cover photo as Holder of the Keys

20th: Novel: The Dread Sentinels of Dorn
DS: Mandrake painting guide

21st: Novel: LOSS: A Raven Guard Audio Drama
DS: Raven Guard: Loss, guessing that means missions from the Audio Drama

22nd:Novel: Brotherhood of the Moon(? I honestly can’t say 100% what the last word is), Horus Heresy
DS: Datacards: White Scars (!?) (Is a White Scars Codex/Supplement on the way? I remember there was a rumor about a surprise codex.)

23rd: Novel: Forgotten! Looks like a picture of a Commissar on the cover
DS: Datacards: Grey Knights

24th: Novel: The Watcher (not 100% on this one either), Horus Heresy, looks like Audio
DS: Tactical Objective cards

25th: Novel: KHARN (can’t tell what the subtitle is)
DS: Kharn’s Butcherpack? (I’m 100% on Kharn’s Butcher-, not sure what the rest of the word is)

And Kharn is the Caboose!  Khaaaaaaaaarn! -MBG

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