NEW BLOOD ANGELS RULES – Mephiston Lord of Death

By Rob Baer | December 9th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors

Mephiston_blood_angels (1)

Mephiston is back, and he’s a whole lot different! Checkout the new Lord of Death!


Rules confirmations by Iuchiban on Warseer!


Mephiston has changed a lot:

W3 I5 A4 2+sv
Warlord trait: Adamantium will
Lvl 3 Psyker
Special rules: FC, IC, Fleet, No Fear, Hypnotic Trance: Roll 2D6 if fighting in a challenge: If result is the L of the opponent or more, Mephiston hits on 2+. (Transfixing Gaze?)

Has one unique power: Blessing, he gets S10. He’s an HQ AND Independent Character!

His sword is AP3 he costs about the same as a Heldrake (reduction FTW?)

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