Wolves & Ravens – Advent Calendar 17

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Day 17 of the Advent Calendar is here, with swank Raven Guard and Space Wolves!

Collected by our friends at WaaaghGaming 

From the Black Library today there is the eBook The Value of Fear , a story about the Raven Guard.


The Raven Guard under Corax continue to gather all leaderless loyalists to their banner, determined to take the fight to Horus and his heretics. In the industrial nightmare of the underhive, the XIXth Legion receive a lesson in terror tactics from the most unlikely of allies – the Night Lords…

The Night Lords are often seen as the dark mirror of the noble Raven Guard, but how much of that is true? Are these two Legions poles apart, or closer than any within the XIX would dare admit…

December 2014 • eBook, digital download – available in both ‘epub’ and ‘mobi’ formats • ISBN 9781782518389

Gave Thorpe

By Games Workshop Digital Editions, there are now data cards for the Space Wolves .


Warriors of Fenris
Saga-sung heroes of battlefields beyond count, the Space Wolves fight valiantly for glory and the Imperium of Man. Utterly determined and entirely without fear, these mighty warriors drive the foes of the Allfather before them with frost axe and bolter, while their Rune Priests unleash the very fury of the storm upon their foes.

Data Reference
An e-pub version of Datacards: Space Wolves, this product is an excellent reference tool for any Warhammer 40,000 player, detailing the Space Wolves’ Tempestas discipline psychic powers and their unique Tactical Objectives.


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