END TIMES – Thanquol Rules Leak

By Rob Baer | January 6th, 2015 | Categories: End Times, News / Rumors

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First we had the model pics and now it looks like we’ve got the rules. Checkout how the newest model plays for the End Times.

Rules Courtesy of Rhellion

thanquol & boneripper

Thanquol and Boneripper 650pts
M6 WS4 BS3 S6 T5 W8 I5 A5 Ld7 Monster (Special Character)

Magic: Level 4 
Equpiment: Warpfire projectors, or Warpfire braziers
Large Target, Terror, Unbreakable, Blessing of the Horned Rat (4+ ward)

Warpstone Addiction: immune from suffering wounds from warpstone powers
Warpfire Projector: Boneripper may fire at two different targets each time resolved one at a time

Magic Items
Staff of the Horned Rat: +1 to casting rolls
Warp Amulet: 5+ each turn to regain 1 lost wound
Warpstone Tokens: D6+2 warpstone tokens

Warpfire Braziers
Combat, S+1, Flaming Attacks, Multiple Wounds(d3), Storm of Attacks(reroll failed to-wound rolls), Warp Fumes(all models in btb make T test or suffer a wound), Warpstone Weapon(magical)

Warpfire Projectors
S5 Flaming Attacks, Multiple wounds(d3), Move of fire, Quick to fire, Warpstone weapon(magical), Wildly off-target(hits friendlies within 12″ on a misfire)

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