Enter the Banedragon – Chicks on Dinosaurs?


You HAVE to see this conversion. Chicks on Dinosaurs with flamers!

It’s almost too unbelievable to be true. Best part is it can be yours too.

Checkout this EPIC eBay auction out of England!


Here’s the auction description!

A completely breathtaking mix of kitbash, conversion and scratchbuild to leave you with the most unique Super Heavy model you’ll ever see.Built and painted to an award-winning standard (including an award of its own!) this model is sure to make any army stand out.

Countless days have gone into making this masterpiece, hours on hours of work. The starting price reflects this, and is the lowest *possible* price we can offer without going broke.
There is no reserve, no postage, no hidden fees of any kind. What you bid is what you pay!

Armed with an enormous laser cannon, four Heavy Bolters, a Heavy Stubber and four Lascannons, as well as an ample crew compartment, this is designed to count as a range of the BaneBlade variants available as Super Heavy or Lords of War choices open to Warhammer 40k armies.

Built on the beautiful ‘Magma Dragon’ available only from Forge World, this is designed as a completely one-of-a-kind Super Heavy option.

The Banedragon is piloted by another Forge World model, an Elysian Tauros driver, and a scratch built guardswoman gunner.

Three of the Heavy Bolters are crewed by Imperial Guardsmen.
Two Lascannons are mounted in the crew compartment, the other two are borne on swift reptilian outriders, each of piloted by another unique and converted guardswoman

The crew compartment features seating around the interior, two armoured doorsincluding portholes and detailing, and two search lights alongside the mounted weapons.

The massive main cannon is powered by six electric generators, arrayed along the Banedragon’s spine behind the pilot and gunner.

A plethora of weaponry and equipment is lashed to the Banedragon, giving the crew everything they need to survive a lengthy campaign.




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If you want to take a crack at making it your own, check it out HERE.

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