MUST SEE – Horus Heresy Miniature Diorama

hh walpaper - Copy

Checkout this scratchbuilt diorama that depicts one of the early iconic pieces of Art from the Horus Heresy.

hh walpaper raven - Copy

Titled Blades of the Traitor, this diorama was inspired by the Sam Wood art of the same name.

It was made by the French artist Reg, a few years ago.  After you look at the close ups and realize just how much of this is made from nothing or converted, the enormity of the project really starts to set in.

hh in miniatures hh in miniatures - Copy hh in miniatures - Copy (2)

If you click on the Conversion Corner label you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking conversions and more, all at once.

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Virginia Restless, Miniature Painter & Single Father to 3 Cats.
I blame LEGOS. There was something about those little colored blocks that started it all.. Twitter @catdaddymbg

  • khorneflakes

    who is the spawny looking guy on the right? the tentacle body one with extra arms?

    • Blargh

      That’s Ingethel.

  • The14th

    What’s with the burning blood angel?

    • Blargh

      Meros, the Red Angel.

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