New Art & Spoilers – End Times Thanquol


The new Thanquol book is shaping  up to be one of the most exciting of the series, and now we have some spoilers and new art to oogle as well.


Larry for BoLS collected up all this art from previews and the digital promos on Black Library. Great looking stuff, especially the Archaon image at the bottom!ThanquolStandard








The Lore:
Then we have the following plot points already teased officially:

Inside you will find rules for mighty characters like Thanquol and his gigantic bodyguard Boneripper, the dread Verminlords and the empowered dwarf slayer king Ungrim, Incarnate of Fire.

The realms of man, the holds of the dwarfs and the ancient temple-cities of the lizardmen are the first to feel the wrath of the Horned Rat’s children.

…chronicling the return of the Verminlords, the rise of Grey Seer Thanquol and the alliance of the Children of the Horned Rat with Archaon, the Everchosen.

..starting with the brief and intensely bloody invasion of Tilea and Estalia. Having annihilated two nation-states in as many months, the Skaven set their sights on the rest of the world.

Clan Pestilens take the war to Lustria, the Warlord Clans battle the Dwarfs beneath the mountains, Clan Skryre start work on a very large rocket…

Queek Headtaker and Belegar Ironhammer clash several times throughout the book…

Karl Franz realizes that Archaon’s invasion has begun.

Karaz-a-Karak comes under seige froma vast Skaven Army led by Queek Headtaker and Ikit Claw.

Archaon’s vast army has laid siege to Middenheim. Though vastly outnumbered, Valten stands against him, Ghal Maraz in hand.

The Morskittar engine is activated in Skavenblight and, in Lustria, the city of Itza is devastated by warpstone meteors.

Full End Times Rumor Roundup

Looks like Hard Cover Copies are still available! 


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