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By Rob Baer | January 8th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors


The good old days of being able to play Chaos Space Marines Legions may be coming back!

Here’s the latest from today (and it’s a big one if true).

via Steve the Warboss 1-8-2014

Regarding Codex Chaos Space Marines
-No Cult Marines in the Codex
-Few Rule changes
-Dataslates for Cult Marines, Terminators, Chosen ect. in White Dwarf
-One Chaos God per Issue (each with their own dataslates for Berzerker Termis, Plague Termis ect.

We’ve seen a ton more content in White Dwarf as of late so that aspect isn’t too hard to believe I think.

Looks like this could just be a ‘Second Edition’ update of the basic CSM codex as well, with supplements in the White Dwarf.

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