NEW Verminlord – Rules & Pics Revealed

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Checkout the newest BIG kid on the block! The new Verminlord looks to be just as big as Nagash!


Eltallerdeyila posted up @Rhellion Twitter Posts of the new White Dwarf

All VerminLords have a ward save of 5+ and have 6 Wounds.

Deciever: 500pt, you should always choose Skitterleap and may re-roll to cast this spell, -1 shooting has ranged attack. We talked about it earlier here

Corruptor : 500 pt, and must choose sorcerer’s spells pest also can reroll dice to try to cast spells, Va equipped with a weapon that matched the rule has always attack first (nobody assures us that all have the same VerminLords profiles but has Deciever Initiative 10).

Warbringer: 550 pt, must frenzy of death and may re-roll. It uses a matched weapon that does 1d3 Wounds, think his name Doomglaive.

Warpseer 500 pt, must choose between his spells warp lightning and can also re-roll dice to try to cast this spell, you have +1 to saving throws while keep your orb. This orb is a weapon of template, the thumbnails touched must pass an Initiative test or be removed from the battlefield.

Lord Skreetch Verminking: 650, always spell number 13 and can be repeated attempts to cast this spell has 2 arms 1 rule always attack first and one doomglaive choose which weapon to use each turn.


The statistics of all vary slightly.

There are also a few passages in the WD hinting Grey Seers calling VermindLords …

The Verminlords kit seems to be on a square base . Very difficult to see.

If the Verminlords not choose the plague spell may not include in the army one plague priest.

There is also a page of an article on “the risk of calling” VerminLords, and a story when Thanquol and summoned tried to launch a Skarbrand

Object Magico Doom Glaive and Puch-Dagger : This is a magic weapon matched. Has the attack Killing Blow and multiple wounds 1d3.

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