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By Awaken Realms | January 13th, 2015 | Categories: Army of One, Awaken Realms, Game & Hobby Products, The Edge


Hey guys, today we have something very special to share with you – Chapter faction centerpiece model: Avatar of The One, Angel of Death


This is model is very special to us, as our journey with The Edge started with the concept art for this very miniature!

Angel of Death is the avatar of the mechanical God – The One, that came to support Chapter in they war against Demons and new struggle with Faceless.


This miniature will be cast in High Quality Resign on 60mm base, it will be 50mm high from toes to top of the head. Whole Edge set will debut March 2015!

You can follow our progress on Facebook!

We have put tons of effort into this miniature and your support is what kept us going, so thanks for that! ; )

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Angel of death

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