WAAC is Wack – Fixing Table Top Gaming Culture?

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Mariel Hurd had a lot to say about 40k players on Post Desk, and some of it may be pretty accurate…

Most of us have been there, weather it’s at a tournament or at the local game store, some people just can’t turn it off it sometimes.

No, I’m sure you moved them six-point-two inches!

Heads turn. Eyes roll. Some poor bastard is about to lose her game to a twenty-minute argument over six millimetres. (Or, as the aspiring rules lawyer will be happy to lecture you, 5.08mm.)

The point of Mariel’s article however isn’t the whys and hows of people’s need to win, it’s geared towards the havoc these type of players can do.

Negativity is infectious, and can alienate and eventually destroy a community and or a tournament/ event series if left unchecked.



Mariel seems to conclude with this point that really puts into words just how these players can really wreak havoc on a community, or event.

By tolerating bad gamers we lose good ones, either to other, less enabling hobbies, or to becoming bad gamers themselves.

What do you think? Is it good to remember that when you step up to the table you’re not just playing a game, you’re entering into a social contract to interact with someone you may have just met for the next two or three hours?

Where does line between a game, and being a human start to blur for some people?

Maybe think of it like this, a pro NFL football game lasts about the same amount of time we take to play an average game of 40k, and at the end of that most of them shake hands (or pat each others bottoms), and move on as friends.

What makes OUR game so much different sometimes?

Read Mariel’s article.

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