BREAKING – Horus Heresy in PLASTIC?

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IS this the BIG news from last week? The Heresy may be the coming to plastic in MAY!

Harry is normally spot on, which means perhaps this IS happening.

via Harry and others at Warseer 2-16-2015

The implication is we’re going to see a GW-produced plastic Horus Heresy starter box/boxed game.

Originally Posted by my_name_is_tudor
“More Horus Heresy stuff? How dull. They’ve already done that.”

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
“Oh no they haven’t”

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
“Think outside the box a little………. or maybe inside the box”

Originally Posted by BasetheRuin
“As in think inside the brand new 30k starter box?

I’ll have to start saving money then!”

Originally Posted by 75hastings69

Hastings later suggested it might broaden over time to include more than just marines vs. marines.

Originally Posted by my_name_is_tudor
“Personally I don’t think there’s any version of a 30K game that could get me particularly excited, given my assumption that it would focus on the good marines/bad marines bust up and not all the other interesting stuff the Galaxy has to offer…”

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
“well maybe not initially”

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So what legion will you play? 

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