Is The Warhammer Hobby Growing?

By Rob Baer | February 27th, 2015 | Categories: Editorial, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy
tim evertt
The answers may just surprise all of us; is our hobby growing? The question came up the other day on the Spikey Bits Hobbies Facebook Page, about just how old everyone was that posts there.

What seemed like a hundred hobbyists chimed in with their age after Raymond Rase asked;

‘Out of curiosity, how many old farts like myself still play? I’m 43.’

Besides how old they were, a lot of people even talked about how many years they’ve been playing for, what got them into the hobby and more.

You can checkout all the comments on the page itself, but it really brings up an interesting question that triggered this impromptu polling.

Just how old is the core Warhammer hobbyist these days?


If one was to judge from this thread, our hobby may not be growing. What do you guys think about the Warhammer hobby’s growth rate based on your own observations?

I love Ken Marquardt’s remarks the best

The kids will laugh cause our miniatures are real and hand painted and not holograms

He may not be wrong… (Top Picture courtesy of Tim Everett).

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