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By Rob Baer | February 10th, 2015 | Categories: Forge World, Heresy Weekender, Horus Heresy, News / Rumors

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Wow talk about saving the best for last! There is some MAJOR news in here, so if you love Forge World you won’t want to miss this.

Via Battlebunnies;

Book 5 ‘Tempest’

Optimistically due to be released in Spring 2015 maybe at Grand Opening in May.  About the first part of Calth – the invasion. There is a campaign, background on 500 Worlds, ship battles vs Daemons but not so many Daemons in Tempest, and the legendary battle with Guilliman and Kor Phaeron in mortalis


What’s in it:

  • Ultramarines
  • Background of the Legion
  • Breacher squad with axes and shields with gladius slot designed by Mark Bedford (didn’t catch the name)
  • Honour Guard
  • Guilliman
  • ‘Dreadnought that fell from the sky’ – Telemechrus
  • ‘Important captain’ – Ventanus?
  • Empire within an Empire is explained. Why Guilliman was allowed to build the 500 worlds and for what reason!
  • Word Bearers
  • Further background
  • Updated rules for all Characters – Lorgar brought into 7th, hopefully with less invisibility lol


Mechanicum / Knights

  • A few extra units and updates.
  • Ordinatis not in.
  • Background on 2 Legios
  • Background on Knights
  • House Vornher – largest in segmentum from Ithrica. Get destroyed on Calth. Some survivor’s not on Calth. Still around in 40k but a different name…


Imperial Militia

  • There is an Army List


Warp Cults

  • There is an Army List
  • Rely on numbers
  • Can use own creativity – not sure if a model range was confirmed.

Where we go after Tempest:

  • Masterclass (how to paint) book in 6 months
  • Book 6 – Shadow Crusade, Underworld war, World Eaters.
  • Argel Tal book 6
  • Prospero – Challenges, a lot to fit in – Custodes, Sisters and ‘other agents you didn’t know were there’.
  • Thousand Sons are nearly done, play testing has or is going ahead – ‘tough to get right’. Different Cults are included. Right and powerful but not OP. Want them to still rely on Legion tech.
  • Ol Person etc may be included in agents list eventually, as he originally appeared on Calth in the novels. (olianius the pious – One of the most important figures in the siege of Terra and the defeat of Horus)
  • Airbrush paints later in year.

WOW so much info it’s almost hard to digest it all. Some big names getting rules and new hobby supplies. 2015 looks to be HUGE for the hobby!

What are you looking forward to the most from this seminar? -MBG

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