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By Rob Baer | February 18th, 2015 | Categories: Games Workshop, News / Rumors

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Battlefield triage? Looks like Games Workshop is doing some more cutting, but how soon will it be until they hit the bone?

We’ve seen a ton of cuts at Games Workshop over the years, and a bunch of support staff got their pink slips about this time last year as well.

Here’s what the internet is saying;

Via Oralanth

Here’s the latest on a new round of cuts that may be happening now.

Gw are in the process of downsizing staff overheads by laying off large numbers of retail management. The company has downsized retail staff before and introduced one man stores, but are looking to produce even more savings by removing a tier of management and replacing with cheaper staff. That sounds good on paper but many of those going are managers of one man stores. There are also rumours of store closures accompanying this, but I have no confirmation of that.

As for the manager layoffs apparently it occurred this weekend This was sourced by someone who knew two of the manager concerned..

and then this in the same thread, Norn King Says

My local store isn’t open on Monday or Tuesday.

Sign of the times i guess.

So what do these guys do if they are sick, do you just not open the store because there is no ‘Managers’ to cover the shift?

Would rumored cuts like these even be good for the hobby, or should Games Workshop look elesewhere for fat to trim?

Let’s hear it guys!

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