PLASTIC 30k – Horus Heresy’s NEW Purpose?

By Rob Baer | February 17th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Today we have even more purported background on GW’s thinking and plans for the plastic Horus Heresy boxed set:

Some further context on plastic 30K:via WhispererofTruth 2-17-2015

“The starter set will be joined by a plastic heresy armour set and some plastic Skitarri over the course of the next year. The idea of these boxes is allow players to create armies that can be played in both 30k and 40k and as such expand both markets.

Both Admech and the Legions produced by FW proved to be popular beyond all expectations. So popular infact that GW can justify pumping out kits for a game that isn’t even one of their core games. It’s also being done as a safety nets, in case 9th ed Fantasy (Which 30k now outsells) crashes and burns, then they have 30k in place to pick up the pieces.

The Old armour kit will be a mix of armour types rather than a kit of say Mk4 armour. All parts will be of course compatible with the current Space Marine range. I do believe a plastic servitor is being done too.”



and the rebuttal… via Hastings 2-17-2015

“This is partially true. The “starter set” is in fact a standalone game, however I’ll accept starter set as it does lead onto the main 30k game. I think it’s safe to assume that 30k could/will have a different game mechanic to 40k, or it would be pretty pointless as a standalone game. Hence the reason that some boxes will contain rules for both 30 & 40k (if the rules weren’t different they’d only include 1 set of rules.

It’s not however a safety net for WFB, it’s a replacement for lotr/hobbit on the shelves as AFAIK all of this is going direct only. WFB is going to have plenty of store presence, and regardless of what many (and indeed I) think I don’t think the reboot will be bad for WFB, especially if in it’s current format is failing to sell. Hell at one point it was almost totally canned. You never know new WFB might just be awesome (not finecast awesome either), however my own feelings are that the background is what makes WFB, dick with this then it isn’t WFB any more, and frankly that just isn’t for me. I’m going a little O/T here posting about WFB on 40k (or should that be 30k??) boards but I feel it’s as good a time as any. I think what’s done WFB no good is the high entry cost and investment of time & money to get a decent army, making a game that’s playable as a skirmish game AND a massed battle game does make financial sense, start small, minimal initial outlay, get people interested/hooked, build and buy a bigger army, SADLY this is where GW fall down, THIS IS WHAT THEY USED TO DO YEARS AGO, with games like Heroquest, Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl etc. get people into the Warhammer world and setting and races of that fantasy world. They lost sight of this and thought that the product was self sustaining, it isn’t, there is much more competition now for peoples hard earned cash than ever before, there are many companies that do similar and in some cases better stuff than GW and people know it, because other companies use the internet etc. to their advantage, GW see it as the enemy, and they are wrong. I guarantee this thread has generated more excitement in a few short hours than crap like warhammer visions ever will, and it won’t cost them hardly anything. People including me are now thinking, maybe I’ll get some nids really for genestealer cults coming along, or I’ll pick up an extra deathstorm box for all the nids, or whatever, that GW is SALES. Hiding away ignoring your fan base is beyond ridiculous, especially in such a niche market. The fact that Whispereroftruth said “Admech….. proved popular beyond all expectations” shows just how little they know/listen to their fanbase, as this has been one of THE most wishlisted armies for so many years it is ridiculous. Anyway enough rambling.

I honestly don’t think the new WFB will crash and burn. I think it WILL bring in new blood, and after the initial nerd rage some people may actually find that all is not lost, as my good friend Harry says “BRING IT ON!!!!!”

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 ~I have been dreaming of that “old mk. armor” plastic kit for over a decade now.  So AWESOME!

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