SKYWEAVER – Jetbike Unboxing & Review

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Stop clowning around, and checkout the hot new Skyweaver Jetbikes from Games Workshop.

eldar jetbike new

If clowns could ride jetbikes I could think of no better looking model for them then the new kit, which if you haven’t noticed shares a lot of the same design elements as the ‘missing’ jetbikes of old.


The new Skyweaver features a slick two person design, featuring two different weapon options for the bike itself. Also included are a myriad of rider weapons, some like the Star Bola with two different weapon options in itself!

It definitely bodes well for the design of the new Star/ Void Weaver vehicle that’s due out next week.

Personally I’m not happy about the price of $40 for 2 when you can get THREE Windrider jetbikes for $45, but that’s the price of progress I suppose.

The new design is heads and shoulders over the old 1990’s one, and you do get TWO models per vehicle now.

Get close enough to touch the kit models in my first look video review below!

pateron copy

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