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Enemies of the Imperium beware, you won’t escape the long legs of this converted Murderfang!

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Kudos to Shaun Wilson for this great looking conversion!

Here’s how Shaun did it!

Used a grey knight dread knight body minus armor used tread covers from a leman russ for shin guards.
The rear ones the sheilds are left over decorations from a storm wolf and venerable dread that a buddy of mine was getting rid of.
Bought All of the bits from him as he was getting rid of all his bits.
Mounted the right murderclaw on the right vambrace, fit like a glove was going to mount the other one but a pet of my son decided to nibble it.
So cut the hand off and trimmed down the multi-melta option for the space wolf venerable dreadnought. Used the left over part and glued a thunder wolf head to it with testor’s plastic glue then used green stuff to fill in for the hydraulic holes in the shoulder and wolf head, as well as to build a base for the sarcophagus.
And with the waist line holder now the bottom of the sarcophagus placed the flamer the though i think i may magnetize it and get a storm bolter from the drop pod to swap between for options.


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