What Lies Ahead? Harlequin Codex & More

By Rob Baer | February 4th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors

harlequin walpaper

Quit clowning around! Checkout the whats coming in the next weeks for the Harlequins!

Signs point to Harlequins being a full standalone range with a 3-4 week release window.

But when will the codex hit?

  • January 31Solitaire, Harlequin Troupe

  • Feb 7 – Skyweaver jetbikes

  • Feb 14 – Starweaver transport, Death Jester

  • Feb 21 – Codex???

Seems like Feb 21 would be the perfect place to put them to make all those 4-week rumors make sense.

Full Harlequin Rumor Roundup

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