10 Shocking Spoilers – Daemonkin Codex

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The Blood God demands tribute, behold your rewards for obedience!

I don’t think anyone expected the codex to be like this. Chaos players prayers may have been answered with the release of Codex Khorne Daemonkin!

Via Captain Citadel

Similar to the Necron Decurion, the Daemonkin Blood Host Detachment that consists of unique formations from this book.

Every turn players can spend ‘Blood Tithe’ points to get free Daemon Princes, +1 attacks, Feel No Pain, a Bloodthirster, etc.

Codex Daemonkin are Battle Brothers with Chaos Daemons, and Chaos Space Marines, and Allies of Convenience with Necrons and Orks!

Rules for all three new bloodthirsters are in this book.

The Lord of Skulls is available as a Lord of War choice, and it’s profile appears unchanged.

Juggernauts are back as equipment.

Some Daemons saw a drop in points, and various squads are fielded in “eights”.

Daemons included in this book are not subject to instability, and instead are fearless.

There is a axe of that when it’s user dies in battle, a Bloodthirster appears for free.

Another piece of wargear makes psykers take perils on doubles within 24″ of the bearer.

Wow those are some amazing tidbits. I can’t want to get my hands on the new book.

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What are you thinking of building for your Chaos army now?

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