Creeping Death – New Ad Mech & Terrain Arrive!

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The new release for this week are here, and they will BLOW you away! Onager Dunewalker, Plasma Obliterator & Promethium Pipelines now available!


Onager Dunewalker $66

A light walking tank, the Onager Dunecrawler features four crab-like legs with optional armour plating. The armoured cabin and reactor are complemented by a huge variety of modelling options, with searchlights, smoke launchers, cognis manipulators and mindscanner probes; and the cupola can be modelled closed or open, featuring a Princeps wielding a heavy stubber. You get a massive amount of configuration and customisation available even before applying weaponry.



On the subject of weaponry, included in the box are four variants: an eradication beamer, twin phosphor blasters with sensors, a neutron laser featuring a coaxial cognis heavy stubber or an Icarus array – an awesome anti-air assault package comprising twin autocannons, a gatling flak launcher, an armour-piercing missile launcher and a radar dish.



Included with this 119-component multi-part plastic kit, making one Onager Dunecrawler, is a small Adeptus Mechanicus transfer sheet and a 130mm round base.





Plasma Obliterator $83 (and SOLD OUT instantly…)

Available while stocks last, this is one of the most striking scenery models we’ve ever produced – guaranteed to impress anyone who sees it, and intimidate anyone going up against it. Combine it with the Aquila Strongpoint to create a massive, dramatically powerful piece of scenery that will be the perfect centrepiece of any hard-fought battlefield. Comprising thirty-two pieces, the kit includes rules for using the Plasma Obliterator in games of Warhammer 40,000.



Promethium Relay Pipes $37

This thirty-one piece kit assembles into seven detailed miniatures, each sitting together to form a configurable piece of atmospheric scenery. A control/monitoring panel brimming with gauges and meters provides a dynamic sense to the overall feel, and a broken section of pipe conveys the violent circumstances your miniatures find themselves in – perhaps defending a Promethium plant, perhaps assaulting an enemy factory.


And the bundles:

Dunecrawler Squadron $198

Skitarii War Cohort $1002

Battle Maniple $334

That plasma obliterator is coming in HOT, who got one before they sold out?

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