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There is nothing as constant as change (just ask Tzeentch)! Come see the NEW knight titan in all it’s glory!

I have no idea how a model kit can change so much in a little over a year, but BOOM here it is. Feast your eyes on the new Knight Warden and Crusader!

Via Blog for the Blood God

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The article above mentions the ‘Gallant’ which seems to perhaps not be pictured yet.  I’m thinking that because of it’s ‘bellicose pilots’ it may be the hand to hand one we saw silhouetted.


Looks like this new multi-part kit will just be upgrade for the existing Knight ‘Chassis’, which really makes it easy to upgrade your existing ones if you can get your hands on the parts.

If you’re building a new knight here shortly checkout the video below on how to assemble it so you can swap the arms out for other options as well.

Full Knights Roundup

I’m so glad I didn’t glue my arms down on my first Knight!

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