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Painting freehand scrolls is hard, but not anymore! Checkout this easy step by step tutorial for painting scrolls on your models.


For this process I used several Games Workshop paints.
1. Zandri Dust
2. Ushabti Bone
3. Leadbelcher
4. Runefang Steel
5. Mephiston Red
6. Abaddon Black

Im going to show you two types of scrolls while I do this. The model on the left will be the space marine scroll. The one on the right will be the chaos scroll. To Start this process I lay down my design of how I want the overall scroll to look using Zandri Dust. For the scroll on the marine I want it to look cleaner so I lay down the pattern following the sweep of the cape. The castle look on top will make sense shortly but it is important. Now for the chaos one I want it to look more like tattered cloth just thrown on. Still make sure to follow the natural flow of the cape.


Once your initial pattern is laid out you want to make it look more vibrant like actual cloth this step is pretty simple. All you have to do is take Ushabti Bone and retrace the pattern leaving some of the edges Zandri Dust so it looks shaded.


The next step is to start the rings that hold the scroll to the cape. This is why we left that castle pattern at the top of the marines scroll. For the marines scroll just put a striaght line of Leadbelcher between each of the dashs where the black is. For the chaos scroll they are going to be rings from the side so draw half circles on either side of the top of the scroll. This will make it appear that the ring is passing thru the cape.


Now youll wanna highlight the rings. This step is just taking Runefang steel and adding a dash inside the leadbelcher. You want to try to stay close to the center of the leadbelcher.


The final step is the most dificult. For the marine I added a dot of red at the top of the scroll to look like a seal. Then I made the aquilla at the bottom, this is done by drawing a W then add three striaght lines off each side of the W and one line on the top of the center of the W. And lastly I put the lines in for words using Abaddon Black. For the Chaos scroll I first drew in the star. And once again added the lines for words using Abaddon black. These last steps are tough but with practice and patience you should be able to get results like this after a few tries.


Well thats it!! With this tutorial you’ll be adding scrolls to your models in no time. As always have fun with it!!

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