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Do you love Space Fleet Battles with a twist? Checkout Clockwork Armada now on Kickstarter!

Clockwork Armada, by Game Fleet Productions, is now live on Kickstarter! A rethought and intuitive kind of fleet game, the highly detailed resin and pewter ships are available for discount prices right now on Kickstarter!


Clockwork Armada uses highly detailed resin and pewter miniatures to represent the ships of its fleet, available at discounted prices during the Kickstarter. Backers will have the choice of many different variant ship classes with their pledges.

A game of Clockwork Armada takes place between two or more players, who each take control of a fleet of warships and use different strategies to acquire victory points to win the day. A unique Course Ruler allows players to maneuver their ships with precision, and a player must pay attention to the constantly moving nature of the game, lest they find their ships out of position.

Combat in Clockwork Armada is resolved by an intuitive single roll dice system, and a convenient full color stat card is used to track damage and lost weapon systems. Player’s may issue Special Orders to push their ship’s performance past normal operating levels at the risk of permanent damage, and a fleet’s Flagship commander may impart benefits through the use of Directives to the ships around it.

The universe of Clockwork Armada is nothing like our own. Fleets of warships sail between flat worlds on the upward rushing winds of space, and the laws of physics operate on entirely different principles.

Game Fleet has much more planned for Clockwork Armada, and looks forward to revealing more about the gameplay and setting in the coming weeks.

Fleets come with an innovative Course Ruler to determine heading, full color stat cards are used to track damage and lost systems, and Flagship commanders provide bonuses to the fleet.



Set in an alternate reality of flat worlds and the upward rushing winds of space, Clockwork Armada provides a unique setting for tactical gameplay.


We will be revealing more about the game and setting in the coming days on the Kickstarter page.


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