For YOUR Greater Good – Tau Invasion Showcase

Good afternoon, friends. Here is an army commission I just finished for your viewing pleasure.

This time a Tau infantry force with a little bit of everything; lots of Forge World and suit conversions are included.  The scheme is simple but powerful, with the contrast between the blue and the basing as well as the multiple brown natural tones hand shaded into all of the grey.
Very happy with how these turned out, continuing the effort to push the bleeding edge of my own skill with each new army. Already excited for the next one, and if you are interested in reaching out for an army project just drop me a line!

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Episode 101 - Swarmlord VS Leviathan

  • evryone


  • 123

    I found Wally (or Waldo for US/Canada)

  • Joshua Moncrieff

    oh dear lord i would do unspeakable things to own such an amazing looking Tau army /whistful sigh of admiration

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