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The Fantasy Gods giveth and they taketh, come see the latest rumors on Warhammer Fantasy.

Remember to take all this with a grain of salt folks after last weekend’s rumors turned out to be fake.

Via El Taller De Yila 5-11-2015

MarcusBeli translated a number of entries removed from the Pacific Ocean:
Basically, it says that it is a rumor, we did not believe it. More or less, a translation.
  • 9th edition rules will not be the big leap was the passage of 7th-8th.
  • There will be 3 versions of warhammer. The era of Sigmar , recommended to play 500-1500 points and will be a skirmish style game. The era of steel , will be warhammer as we played the last five years. The end of time , magic and 50% to sack commanders and heroes (and know of undeath).
  • Power dice are based 2d6 (4d6 ET) to 2000 points and another die for every 1000 points, so that playing at 4000 points 4d6 winds of magic would throw (6d6 ET)
  • Many new spells, although all # 6 allow special salvations
  • New magical items. Some leave, new ones arrive.
  • The measure of 8th remain
  • Regeneration works like a hydra of war. Minis dead back with a single wound to 4+ (I think that carriers just won Warhammer)
  • Lances make impact hits
  • +1 Strength spears against mounted units
  • Always attack first change. Charging units obtained ASP against the charging unit.
  • Fear as now, but checks are ld -1, -2 terror is ld (battle standards remain unbalanced)
  • Lethal blow does 1d3 wounds
  • Death Strike continues heroic killing all
  • Characters riding monsters have combined profile (which I assume is because the guns were still yelling at them “10 um in the back!”)
  • Impassivity can be lost with a single row of 5 on the sidewall. Units can not be unmoved against anything that might make thunderous slam.
  • 2d6 scenarios and a table of far greater land
  • The minis lose half its load roll away if they pass spot (I think it is a simplification of the rules of land 7th) but dangerous ground remains in effect (1s to hurt the minis that make checking)
  • Building new rules, although still look bad
  • Combat resolution – numerical superiority again
  • Table quadrants have also returns.
We’ll have to wait to see if the rumors are verified at the moment I do not excite me much !!!
Last and not least I have a friend in Nottingham who left rods with no man …. no, this is serious. I said my confidence shopkeeper had informed him from the official store of GW Valencia will have two weekends red coming week.
Recall that for the purposes of red GW week is the usual way to warn shopkeepers GW of which will have a weekend with many sales due to a special event such as the launch of a special product.
Thus dependent they not know what is coming but if they have to prepare for that something big is about to arrive. Well, so red are scheduled one week for the month of May and another for June.

We’ve been hearing that ‘something big’ is happening at the end of May/Early June, but no specifics yet. One thing is for sure, after changing the releases to later on Saturday, Warhammer World’s grand opening this weekend, and all the new promotions, Games Workshop is up to something.

Hopefully it pans out to be good for the hobby!

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