RUMORS – 9th Edition Fantasy Starter INCOMING?

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We saw a lot of activity on the Warhammer Fantasy front today. Checkout the latest Starter set rumors to hit!

It seems like a Fantasy release is rapidly approaching, and several different sources are chiming in now.

via Marcus Belli 5-27-2015

Via Marcus Beli by Zamerion. The rumor comes from a guy who confirmed some things from GW, I do not care who is taking canes or who would be retail, for me it is the same !!!!The 9th edition of Warhammer th come for summer
On the Bases: We play with square bases but after the departure of the 9th edition sold all models come with bases You round.
You can play with everything in the skirmish game mode. GW will bring movement trays for this mode.
For the listing will be much more freedom than now but using consolidated lists will be encouraged. There will be scenarios and objectives to keep (such as 40k) if you have a list of a consolidated army you will maintain the target enemy unit while having a close but instead if you have a more open not ready. They said something about a bonus points by killing the enemy commander. It will encourage play both styles but in different ways
A new faction, the humans will consist basically of Empire, Bretonnia and some new troops confirmed. It was very clear that is not going away any army.

via Steve the Warboss 5-27-2015

WFB 9th Release Window Details

-6 Weeks of Releases
-Rulebook and Accessories
-Starter Set
-First Armybook (Empire)
-Released in quick succession
-“Sigmarites” are only another Knightly Order

via Faeit 212 05-27-2015

New warhammer fantasy game is called Age of Sigmar.
Preorders for the box go up July 4th. Release on the 11th.
Seems that a lot of the rumor guys across the world are coming together on this one. A new starter set would be enticing for sure, I’m willing to give it a look!

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