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The Dark Angels are hitting the street! Come see the new vehicle rules rumors for the sons of the Lion!

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Supposedly one of our readers has the book, and wants to share rules and photos. Come see part one of the new rules leaks.  So far it looks like he has the goods, but buyer beware!
Via Spikey Bits Reader a true son of The Lion 

Deathwing Knights are AP3 base. Smite changed to basically a smash attack, convert all attacks to 1 str X2 ap 2 attack, but no longer one use only. Knight Masters Flail gained fleshbane.
All Ravenwing units reroll failed jink saves. That’s all bikes, speeders, and jets
Terminators down 20 points for the squad. Sergeants can now take lightning claws or th/ss.
Ravenwing bikers down 2 points, 25 each now
Black Knights are down 2 points, 40 each now
Rad grenades nerfed. No longer reduce T by 1. The cause 2 wounds on a wound roll of 6 regardless of toughness.
Darkshroud now has 3 hull points. Assault cannon upgrade cost reduced by a melta bomb. Icon of old caliban now grants stealth and fear to all units within 6 inches. In addition, if a friendly unit declares a charge within 6 inches of a Darkshroud, they cannot be overwatched
Vengeance is now 120. Also given 3 hull points. Assault cannon upgrade reduced by a melta bomb. Plasma Storm Battery is now 36″ range.
Nephilim was given missile lock back. Blacksword missiles are now str 7 AP 3. Costs 170 points
Dark Talons rift cannon is now str 10 ap 2 blind blast. On a scatter roll of any double, it gains the vortex rule. Stasis bomb has the same effect as before. In addition, models hit by it must pass an initiative test or be removed from play. Cost is 160.

Those are some solid rules indeed. More on the way folks!

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