Primarch Cosplay – Fulgrim The Phoenician


Come see what I think may be the first 40k Primarch Cosplay, and a damn good one at that.

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Watch out Ferrus your brother is here!

This was spied at a Swedish cosplay event recently, and I tried to find as many pictures as I could of it. However Google had a hard time telling this cosplay apart from Nicki Minaj so these are all the pictures we have today folks as I’m not sorting thought that mess…

Via Dreamhack

Furlgrim the Phoenician by Andrew Siz Modig

11021137_10152738350091687_8752850277098581810_n 1888626_10152982579536687_2243393944221712116_n fulgrim cosplay

I think he’s so commuted to the role, he bleached his hair even! Awesome cosplay Andrew – you nailed this one!


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