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Come see a mighty Aetaos’rau’keres Lord of Change painted to show the spinning galaxy inside it’s immense wings.

A mighty daemon of Tzeentch descended from the Realm of Change to the world of mortals to plant the seed of heresy in the humans’ hearts. Still reflecting the Empyrean Void images on it’s massive wings, it baffled and attracted those seeking enlightment, offering an illusion of knowledge that resulted in them diving blindly into depths of heresy.
Take a look not only at his wings reflecting the visions of outer space, but also scenic base – the denizen of Warp is calling forth his ever-changing kin from the deepest chasms of the Realm of Tzeentch! It’ll take the mightiest hero of Imperium to defeat the foul creature.

How do you like the space theme of the model?
– Let The Galaxy Change!

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